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1 x celery branch (chopped into cubes) 1 x carrot (chopped into cubes) ¼ onion, or 1/2 if it is small (chopped into small
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Sauce might seem like the simplest part of a dish, but any true home cook knows it is often the hardest part to master.
We all know that Hot Pockets were God's answer to the burning question, "How can I make my pizza more fun to eat?" Unfortunately, the devil got a piece of the action as well. He never fails to scald the insides of our mouths as we take that first bite of lukewarm bread only to reach the fiery cheese and sauce within.
There are certain sauces you just expect to come out of a bottle -- ketchup, mustard and the classic Worcestershire sauce. But just because you expect to see it packaged doesn't mean it has to be.
Once you get the feel for these sauces, you'll be able to whisk them up whenever you want to get fancy.