saudi executions

Prince Turki bin Saud al-Kabir had pleaded guilty to shooting a man following a brawl.
The Committee on the Rights of the Child also condemned the Saudi-led coalition’s airstrikes on Yemen.
Rights groups say the president needs to speak out against the country's dire record.
More and more people in Washington are unhappy with the kingdom, and it's running out of ways to respond.
Guantánamo offers a stark contrast to how we deal with people believed to have engaged in activities perceived, if not proved, to be against the best interests of the United States.
Rather, the interest here is in exposing the danger to the culture of the "rule of law," which is undermined ever more deeply
Saudis are becoming increasingly disillusioned and angry with their government's domestic and economic policies, and the government's foreign policies are slowly becoming less popular as well. Now, after his execution, Nimr is emerging as an icon to the Shiite Arab community. And the fate of Arab governments who have executed Shiite religious leaders is haunting. Nearly all of them have collapsed.
This is a crucial point for our societies. Let us not get lost in an argument about who executes more or fewer individuals every year, as if a lower ranking signals an achievement of sorts for us to take pride in.
The current fight will play out not in Saudi Arabia or Iran, but in Syria, Iraq, Lebanon and Yemen. Diplomatic breakthrough to these conflicts depends on the willingness of Saudi Arabia and Iran to pressure their proxies to make peace. The current enmity will make that nearly impossible for the foreseeable future.
TEHRAN, Iran (AP) — Iran on Thursday accused the Saudi-led coalition battling Shiite rebels in Yemen of hitting its embassy
"We have been active from the early moments to lessen tensions to prevent a disaster from happening that could affect the entire region."
The two countries have never been friends, but the increased tensions in recent months have a lot to do with the United States.
Western news outlets fear consequences across the Middle East and want the U.S. to take a tougher stance.