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And yes, the shady "Better Call Saul" lawyer "would love the limelight" of representing the president.
The throwback tone didn’t define all of last Monday’s show. We eventually shifted back into the tone of Better Call Saul
I had to see “Better Call Saul’s” premiere tonight—even if it meant checking into a Motel 6 because, although I do have basic
"The bigger picture is nothing like what you expect," the series star told HuffPost.
Remember in Season 3 of "Breaking Bad" when Saul and Walt are considering purchasing the car wash over the laser tag franchise
Banks: Well, it’s a brand-new adventure for me because I don’t know him. Those first two shows that you see, I’m just meeting
Odenkirk made his first appearance as a witty, corrupt lawyer, Saul Goodman, on Season 2 of "Breaking Bad." But when he got
Warning: You are about to experience severe heartbreak and sadness. AMC also released an extended promo for "Better Call
The "Better Call Saul" premiere is drawing nearer by the day. The "Breaking Bad" spin-off will debut on Sunday, Feb. 8, following
The only proper way to end AMC's two-month-long "Breaking Bad" marathon is with a look at "Better Call Saul." Little is known
"Better Call Saul" is set to premiere in February 2015 with a 10-episode run and has already been signed on for a 13-episode
The "This is Spinal Tap" actor is reportedly set to play Dr. Thurber, an attorney with some sort of "unusual affliction," (possibly