After the steam room and showers, we were brought into the sauna. The space was bright, big (an estimated 300 sq. ft.), and
Even after many years of scientific "debunking," many fitness myths have managed to float around gyms and health clubs - myths that hold you back when it comes to building muscle. So, in this episode, I'm going to unlock the top three muscle-building myths that you should avoid.
On the Saturday of my visit, two weddings were scheduled for the restaurant, and guests bracketed our 2 hour stay at the
In Part One of this two-part article series, you learned five big reasons I'm addicted to sauna and heat therapy, including muscle gain, fat loss, joint pain management, detoxification, heart heath and longevity. Let's delve into the final five reasons you should start sweating more.
Ah, Germany! Beer and bratwurst. Light and fruity Rieslings. Floating down the Rhine past castles. Quaint villages. Cosmopolitan cities with fabulous museums. Trains that run on time.
As a lifelong endurance runner, a marathon a year for 43 consecutive years (Boston 2013), I am eager to know the deep science
READ MORE AT ALASKA DISPATCH NEWS The researchers found the men who took to the sauna two or three times a week had a 22
The pattern was similar for other heart-related deaths. And for death from any cause, the risk fell from 49 percent for the
You've always wanted to strip down and sweat next to your seatmate.... right? In perhaps the most Finnish move ever, Finnair