save lives

Anna Akana ("Miss 2059") wants you to learn more about the Crisis Text Line where all it takes is for someone to send a text to save a life.
The story of this conflict is not complete without including the silent victims: the anonymous, the unnoticed, the uncounted, who suffer but are not included in any of the official statistics.
My name is Fiona Finn from Fort Myers Beach, Florida, and thankfully, I am a stage 3 colon cancer survivor. Once my treatment
Now the nature of the dance scene is that someone who gets discovered can reach the biggest stages of festivals in a matter
Iron is a major component of our red blood cells, and a single unit of blood is packed with it. Now, if only our blood donation centers could draw a crowd the way Iron Man 2 did.
In volatile, fragile environments in the developing world, the margins separating life from death can be razor thin.