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I was depressed and devastated by the demise of my relationship... but I can honestly say that I don't regret now that this was the outcome.
Stauffer admits that the pair had "tried everything" to save their marriage, including therapy and weekends away. But it
What's more, Fertel says that traditional approaches to mending a broken marriage -- like marriage counseling -- are ineffective
Considering many marriages end long before "'till death do us part," would it be more appealing to sign up for a fixed-length
As told to Leigh Newman 10. Ignore the experts. It's so funny that people seek expert advice and pay a lot of money to come
I knew that this family member would be diagnosed with a developmental disorder. What I didn't anticipate was what nobody wanted to talk about: how it would affect my marriage.
When we get overwhelmed or overloaded, we forget about the impact we're having on other people, says Robbins. At the root
Identify emotions versus practical issues, and choose your language and behavior based on those classifications. Just that one step can keep you, too, from becoming a part of a statistic.
Here are 10 suggestions for enhancing your relationship during conflict that will make all the difference.
New research seems to suggest that indeed, for troubled couples, false positivity may actually gloss over issues that really need attention, exacerbating rather than solving problems.