Saved By The Bell

The actor stars on the Peacock series as Lexi, a Bayside High cheerleader and brassy queen bee who happens to be trans but won't be tokenized.
Diamond, who played Screech on the NBC sitcom, died Monday.
The actor, who played "Screech" on the sitcom, was diagnosed with cancer a few weeks ago.
The actor who played Screech is undergoing treatment in Florida.
A spokesperson for the actor who played Screech said tests were being done and "it doesn't look good."
An episode of Peacock's “Saved By The Bell” reboot sparked major outrage for insensitive jokes about the singer’s lifesaving transplant surgery.
"He had his journey," the "Saved by the Bell" star told Andy Cohen before the reboot airs with the whole gang except Diamond.
The "Punky Brewster" preview also dropped as NBC's Peacock streaming service prepares to fly.
Transgender advocate and writer Tiq Milan shares what transgender representation in media will look like in 2020.
Josie Totah is joining Bayside High in the modern update of the iconic ‘90s show.