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Caroline Modarressy-Tehrani discusses how to save money for major first purchases with financial expert Shannon McLay.
When it comes to not wasting money, there is nothing too small to ignore.
Welcome to the real world, class of 2014. You're probably swamped with student loan debt, and just entering your chosen career field -- if you're lucky. But, now is the time to secure your financial future by taking charge today.
A new year feels like a new beginning, and the tradition of making resolutions solidifies that notion. Adopt these three resolutions to control your financial stress, and make 2014 the year of swollen saving accounts!
A little-known loophole about paying off debt, plus more insider guidance from money experts. It's great if you're able to
'Rule' 1: Men More Often Avoid Costly Credit-Card Mistakes Men are five percentage points less likely than women to carry
During this time of year, we all get caught up in the spending frenzy and buy things we can't afford. But if we continue to overspend without thinking, it can lead to a very painful financial hangover come the New Year.
Are you frustrated with your finances? Drowning in debt? Or just not sure where your money goes each month?
Valuing small amounts of money is directly connected to paying attention to life's small expenditures. And it's the small outlays of money that you have the most control over.
As parents, one of the most important lessons for us to teach our children is how to spend and save wisely. By sharing financial lessons with our kids starting at an early age, we can help them understand the importance of being financially responsible and self-sufficient for life.
Let's face it, we are not a nation of savers. According to the most recent data from the Commerce Department, Americans saved
Many believe that to make good money decisions you need to have a plan for every situation. You need insurance for every possible setback, and investments for every market condition. Trouble is, the real world is complicated: we don't know what's going to happen.