If you haven’t heard yet, which would be impossible if you lived anywhere near a city, there are things called “escape rooms
In the 2014 film, "Kingsman, The Secret Service", an interesting James Bond like film, a young man (played by Taron Egerton
"Any Channel Can Deliver Eyeballs. But How Many Can Include Hearts and Minds?" - An advertisement by MTV in the July 12, 1993
The first time I met Carmine Pikero, the man who would become my father-in-law, he was standing in the parking lot at Stamford (now Trinity) Catholic High School in my hometown of Stamford, Connecticut.
Even fictitious characters have to get a little feisty with their text messages from time to time, right? We've all done it and we all know how our conversations go, but what about some of your all time favorite and most notable movie characters? How would their sexting go down? Probably a little like this.
You probably should have been more worried when Kevin McCallister set all those traps.
The man, identified by The Telegraph only as "Mr. Xiang," said he heard a crash when a truck in the opposite lane lost control
The Screen Junkies are back with a new honest trailer, this time for the gore-filled, blood-splattered horror movie, “Saw
If you were planning on watching "Saw" this Halloween, just remember, there are a few problems and plot holes... at least
However, during cross-examination by Crawford County District Attorney Francis Schultz, Martone acknowledged Barber is capable