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People reacted to it badly. And not just ordinary people, but lots and lots of Republicans. Paul Ryan called Trump's attacks
To all those candidates losing their minds and expressing outrage at Donald Trump now - where were you then? Donald Trump's comments are sickening. But, so is the putrid selective outrage being displayed by his competitors in the primary.
A Republican with a biblical first name, Root got his political start in the executive branch and eventually served as secretary
It's over for Michael Boggs. Like, really over.
They continued, "Throughout the process, Judge Boggs has exhibited enormous restraint and the temperament expected of a jurist
"I suppose that’s possible, perhaps likely," McCain said. "But that doesn’t mean we will be telling the world something it
The revelation prompted two Democratic senators to call for the resignation of CIA Director John Brennan, who took over the
Obama administration officials held a closed-door, classified briefing on Wednesday in which they spent more than two hours detailing to senators the trade of five senior Taliban leaders for U.S. Army Sgt. Bowe Bergdahl, but many lawmakers decided to leave early.
Sen. Rand Paul (R-Ky.), who criticized President Barack Obama for breaking the law, skipped the briefing entirely. Sen. John
For Jason Carter's purposes, his grandfather's history could resonate negatively only with a shrinking minority of voters
Still, the trade-off for the White House is that the deal allows some Georgia nominees to move forward after years of going
Love it or hate it, we're in a brand new election year. What with the lowest rating for Congress in history and the gridlock on Capitol Hill, this may seem like less than the greatest news. But women ought to be pretty enthusiastic.
Elsewhere in the country, President Obama has been very intentional about nominating diverse pools of qualified nominees, in an effort to have our federal courts reflect the people whom they serve. The Georgia slate is a troubling outlier.
"Sometimes the answer has to be yes," Hatch said. "The reality is that Republicans only control one-half of one-third of
More than ever, Israel is isolated from world opinion and the squishy entity known as "the international community." The Israeli government keeps condemning the Iran nuclear deal, by any rational standard a positive step away from the threat of catastrophic war.
Intelligence gathering is certainly one important aspect of the counterterrorism business, but ultimately the U.S. needs to prosecute and incarcerate these individuals -- and our federal court system remains the most effective way to bring terrorists to justice.
The National Review also noted that Gingrey's net worth is at least $3 million. That total falls short of CQ Roll Call's
Sen. Saxby Chambliss (R-Ga.) criticized President Barack Obama's remarks on drawing a "red line" over the use of chemical