The 25-year-old wants listeners to see the genre as more than just indebted to the past.
2) How did all of you in A Tree Grows eventually come to play together and decide to take this beyond just a jam session
"I remember playing Madison Square Garden and sitting in with her on the Isley Brothers song "For the Love of You," he recalls
"Jazz was a huge part of my foundation," says Martin. "Studying music and grasping chord changes and learning the history
Coleman studied various musical forms and in 1972 released a symphony called "Skies of America." Another work was a 1977
A Troop of Echoes recorded the majority of their latest album, "The Longest Year on Record," in their hometown of Providence, Rhode Island. Starting this May, they will be leaving Rhode Island and traveling to a town near you.
Carol Sudhalter, the founder of Astoria Big Band and the quartet that bears her name, walks into this improv stage, which is her living room and the room she does most of her living in. She hoists Betty, a big brassy baritone sax, and cradles it in her arms like a baby.
The New York International Fringe Festival this summer includes a new opera by Matthew Zachary Johnson: The Boston Tea Party Opera. This show marks a new direction in his work. Johnson is the composer of a body of often-performed classical saxophone works.
Something wonderful is happening tomorrow (or Thursday the 26th, if tomorrow isn't Thursday where you are). Larry Storch is performing comedy in New York.
You won't ever find James Chance out of his suit, neckwear or pompadour. And what may read a bit antsy on the outside is the opposite on the inside, for James is focused within the realm of his radical energy.
The trickster element in John's personality comes through best in his Chamber Symphony, which sounds like Ives on uppers
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Even cows appreciate a good saxophone solo. In this video above posted by Blow, the bovines are very curious and seem to
Spending a Sunday in Central Park is never a disappointment. There are unexpected surprises at every turn.
WATCH: via News Lite Watch Sara the Walrus dance the tango below: When The Beatles wrote 'I Am the Walrus' they probably