She was described as beautiful by her longtime friend Mary Young. Many reports from the media also misgendered her and male
RD: That movement is so dope because it publicly humanizes black women in the same ways Nikki Giovanni and Maya Angelou were
To say that black lives matter creates inner dissonance, something not experienced with the distance of empathizing an experience over music. You love hip hop, so how can black lives not matter?
The Bland family fought bravely and managed a victory of sorts, but there remains much to be done. A million-dollar settlement and the promise of procedural change fall short of what Sandra Bland and other black women deserve.
A few months ago, most probably would have believed that Gaines' best course of action was to comply with the police in order to get herself and her children home safely. But "a few months ago" was before Alton Sterling and Philando Castile.
Her mom called Bresha Meadows a "hero" for saving the family.
Yearwood's tale spotlights the ways that intersectional race, gender, and sexual biases occur globally in criminal justice at the same time that it helps to highlight inequitable treatment of gender non-conforming prisoners at home.
"I think being an artist, you are in the business of telling it like it is," Aja Monet says.
"I've wished death on myself many times but it was never my idea."
May 16, 2016 marks the tragic death of a little black girl named Aiyana Stanley Jones. Six years ago Aiyana, 7, was killed while she slept at her grandmother's house. Joseph Weekley, the Detroit Police Officer who fatally shot her during a botched raid, is still on the force.
The LGBTQ community is calling for action and a thorough investigation of her murder by law enforcement; for more accurate, sensitive coverage of her murder by mainstream media; and for others to understand the impact her murder has on members of the Black LGBTQ and transgender communities' sense of safety in Wichita.
February 8 marks the one-year anniversary of McKenna's death. Now is the time for journalists who were missing a year ago to shed light on the circumstances surrounding McKenna's death. This date is an opening for activists across the country to take to the streets and march for justice for Natasha McKenna just as they have for Black men.
#SayHerName provides needed discussion regarding police brutality against black women in the United States; however, addressing
Anyone who waves of women's concerns about "something as trivial as street harassment," as I'm so often told, is actively, and now consciously, part of the problem.