saying no

Learning how to tell your boss or colleagues "no" is necessary, or you'll burn out.
It becomes uncomfortable for me to turn down a request with a 'no' or voice my opinion when I am faced with an uncomfortable ticklish situation with close friends and loving family members.
So, how do organizations stave off this potential problem? The key is to cultivate a culture that eliminates the negative
Is it just me or is it really easy to overcommit and find yourself neck-deep in obligations before you realize what's going on? You feel super-busy (not in a good way) and are becoming increasingly irritable.
Successful people know that in order to excel at something you must develop a laser sharp focus. Is that the fun way of doing
Did you know a panic attack can feel like a heart attack? I didn’t, but I do now.
Pressure to stay ahead is a common reason many successful professionals are on the verge of burning out. They create perpetual, out-of-control to-lists that never end.
With these suggestions in mind, your schedule will stay just that: Yours. You won't ever have to do outings and activities you don't want to.
Just small samples at first, until I get you hooked on the power of it. You jones for the moment you can use your no on someone or something. Then that moment happens. Someone asks for something you are just not feeling like giving right then. And no takes over and it spills out of you. Elation and joy ensues. You are hooked and I'm on to the next corner of yessers.