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Ahora, dice el New York Times, hay ocho candidatos que podrían postularse para su cargo, siete de ellos republicanos, en
In an interview with conservative radio host Lars Larson during last week's Conservative Political Action Conference, Bachmann
Alright. Woo-hoo. We're partying now. With the kind of enthusiasm normally reserved for sorting Phillips head screws from flat head screws, Arizona Governor Jan Brewer publicly vetoed SB 1062.
"Seeing the people out there, protesting. I thought it's time," he added. "It's time to let people know about me. And to
In her interview with Yahoo, Bachmann also addressed earlier claims she made that people "aren't ready" for a female president
As we experience more victories like we did in Texas and Arizona last week, we'll be that much closer to seeing equality for all. We're getting there, but there's a lot more work to be done.
When a conservative Republican governor vetoes a "religious liberty" bill passed by a conservative Republican legislature because the business community tells her to, it shows who really calls the shots.
SB 1062 in Arizona was vetoed by Governor Jan Brewer! But not everyone is so happy about it. Amidst the hatred, there was actually more entertaining hatred found on Twitter.
Governor Jan Brewer's moment of sanity notwithstanding, the sad spectacle of Arizona's SB 1062 is simply further proof that the GOP's obsession with bashing gays and regulating uteruses is itself impeding job growth in the states Republicans control.
Your religious "right" to refuse service to gays and lesbians? Actually, no.