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Listen to the clip below: Bachmann said, however, that liberals likely wouldn't attempt to change the U.S. Constitution to
Alright. Woo-hoo. We're partying now. With the kind of enthusiasm normally reserved for sorting Phillips head screws from flat head screws, Arizona Governor Jan Brewer publicly vetoed SB 1062.
Gallardo is running for Congress in Arizona's strongly Democratic-leaning 7th Congressional District, which is being vacated
“I believe that tolerance is a two-way street, and we need to respect everyone's rights, including the rights of people who
As we experience more victories like we did in Texas and Arizona last week, we'll be that much closer to seeing equality for all. We're getting there, but there's a lot more work to be done.
When a conservative Republican governor vetoes a "religious liberty" bill passed by a conservative Republican legislature because the business community tells her to, it shows who really calls the shots.
SB 1062 in Arizona was vetoed by Governor Jan Brewer! But not everyone is so happy about it. Amidst the hatred, there was actually more entertaining hatred found on Twitter.
Governor Jan Brewer's moment of sanity notwithstanding, the sad spectacle of Arizona's SB 1062 is simply further proof that the GOP's obsession with bashing gays and regulating uteruses is itself impeding job growth in the states Republicans control.
Your religious "right" to refuse service to gays and lesbians? Actually, no.
What does anti-LGBT legislation in Arizona and Kansas have to do with a pair of Supreme Court cases out of Oklahoma and Pennsylvania challenging the Affordable Care Act? Quite a lot.
Why, if most Americans reject discrimination, do their elected legislatures support it? And, in particular, that means the Republican-controlled House of Representatives.
Even today, without S.B. 1062, businesses can still turn away LGBT customers in the 86 Arizona municipalities that do not have any LGBT protections on the books. Nevertheless, this fact seems lost in the media and among LGBT activists.
In Georgia, the "Preservation of Religious Freedom Act" has been tabled and doesn't appear to be going anywhere. McKoon isn't
Immigrants' rights advocates like me got a strong sense of déjà vu this week. Four years ago, SB 1070, legislation designed to make life miserable for immigrants and those a person might "suspect" could be foreign, sat on the governor's desk for several days until she signed that misguided -- and unconstitutional -- piece of legislation into law.
Sure, it's a victory in the smallest sense of the word, but is it worth celebrating the fact that the road to this veto was even taken?
Of course, Walsh wasn't the only conservative displeased by Brewer's veto of the contentious legislation. Walsh, who served
Catholic League President Bill Donohue exclaimed "we're being besieged," during an appearance on CNN with Chris Cuomo. The
"I've got to be honest with you. Much damage has already been done," Stanton said in an interview with The Huffington Post
Well Arizona, we've dodged a nasty little squabble. Our governor has dealt a blow to SB 1062, what CNN helpfully dubbed the
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