Excessive fines drove tensions in Ferguson and nearby towns.
If you assume that the 7 women per year that die from complications due to legal abortion are spread equally throughout the 50 states, Texas is legislating to save one-seventh of one women per year from legal abortion at the cost of 100 Texan women per year that die when abortion is illegal.
The mayors are suing over a new law that restricts how much towns can make from court fines and traffic tickets.
Following a municipal court reform, St. Ann's multimillion-dollar speed trap won't keep it afloat.
No matter how orange my scarf was that night, people had managed to conflate the politics of the swaying, praying Christian right with "oppressed" Muslim women swathed in black.
Rick Perry has made it clear that he fancies himself quite the expert on what women should do with their vaginas, as he and
But there will be one crucial difference between this session and the last. "I know that it's not a lonely fight that we
No matter how you feel about abortion, arguing against it by saying "every life matters" while you are, in fact, the nation's top killer of inmates is either disingenuous or downright phony.
"They still let Rick Perry talk?" the signer tweeted. Perry pointed to the fact that Davis was "the daughter of a single
In the early hours of June 26, as the media seemed to sleep, thousands of people propped their laptops up on their pajama pants and did the job for them. SB5 is dead, but the power of social media is more alive than ever.
"If George Soros or some wealthy person on the left drops $20 million into a race or a series of races, and his side wins
A failed attempt by the state's Republican governor to limit collective bargaining rights for public unions last year altered
"As Ohio goes, so goes the nation" has taken on new meaning. The people of Ohio used their citizen veto decisively to repeal legislation that would have stripped police officers, teachers, firefighters and other public workers of their right to bargain collectively.
"Congrats to my brothers and sisters in labor. Big win in Ohio tonight!" Jay Carney, the president's press secretary, offered
Polls have pointed to an overwhelming defeat for Issue 2 and the anti-union law, but as HuffPost has reported, some caution