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Anthony Weiner's apparent delusion is that he can have political redemption effortlessly--without a process of true sharing of his mind and behavior; that he has suffered sufficiently for voters to trust him with their city.
It seems that South Carolina voters are all too ready to forgive the "family values conservative" who misused public funds, secretly left the country and lied to his entire staff about his whereabouts and deceived his wife about his sexual affairs with his South American mistress.
Sanford, whose career took a turn four years ago after he confessed to having an extramarital affair with an Argentine woman
Zach Carter, HuffPost senior political economy reporter, talks with HuffPost Live hosts Alyona Minkovski and Jacob Soboroff about former South Carolina governor Mark Sanford looking to run for an open house seat.
A primary will be held in early March. Teddy Turner, a Republican, announced his intention to run earlier this week, and
Jenny Sanford's divorce from former S.C. Gov. Mark Sanford was settled in court more than two years ago, but now it's another
Lawmakers debating whether or not Gov. Mark Sanford should be impeached are focusing on his tryst in Argentina, reports the
Sometimes the body from which a political party springs is so filled with bile and corruption that its healthiest components should seek to go their own way. A case in point is today's Republican Party.
The point is we gotta stop constantly judging other people's sex lives. Unless they produce an amateur sex tape. Then it's fair game. Until then leave Letterman alone!
This appears to be the year of impeachment. So far, a State Governor (Rod Blagojavitch) and a Federal Judge (Samuel Kent) have been gotten rid of this way, and it appears there might actually be more.
Gov. Sanford had as much business criticizing President Clinton as Michael Vick would have if he joined PETA to speak out against women who wear fur.
But the "soul mate" defense has proven a tricky one. It's wilted a bit under the relentless questioning of reporters, and
In the same week that hundreds of thousands of Iranians took to the streets to protest a travesty of democratic values, Americans took to the streets for the death of a superstar entertainer.
Sanford now seems to be attempting to evolve into the shirtless telenovela Casanova he always imagined himself to be. But in the process, he's finding his true calling: as a reality TV star.
Republican legislators are wondering whether Mark Sanford has gone crazy. From Mr. Hepner's biography on Poemhunter: On the
f I'm having open-heart surgery, I care only that the person performing it is a freaking-great doctor. Not who he is sleeping with. That's who I feel about politicians, too. But what I do care about is hypocrisy.
Sanford, judging from his media mea culpas, is a gushing torrent of public self-flagellation, backed by a biblical rationalization. Stanford is much more unrepentant.
If Henry Miller talked about his sex life as much as Governor Mark Sanford talks about his sex life, people would have started thinking he was some kind of perv.
I am appalled at the coverage of Governor Mark Sanford's infidelity to his wife and sons. I am appalled at the moral posturing. I am appalled that we think we have the right.
When I was a young, mouthy conservative, I expressed a lot of strong ideas about marriage. Now, twenty-one years into my own marriage, I have to concede that so-called traditional marriage is anything but traditional.