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Now comes word that on Monday night, Scalia told a group of students that the provision is an "embedded" form of "racial preferment." Even aside from improperly commenting on a pending case, Scalia is wrong.
"Whenever a society adopts racial entitlements, it is very difficult to get out of them through the normal political processes
If skepticism from the Supreme Court's conservative wing is any indication, a core provision of the Voting Rights Act of 1965 could be struck down this year. This should alarm anyone who views voting as a fundamental right and not a "racial entitlement."
"Yes, you'd have to be an a-hole to vote against that in the future," Colbert said. "Luckily, we have an a-hole who will
It's clear from her comments that Ms. Kelly didn't even begin to grasp what Rachel Maddow was saying. Ms. Kelly seems to think that in calling Justice Scalia a "troll," Ms. Maddow was referring to him as a little ogre who lived under a bridge and stalked people like Rapunzel.
Rep. Jim Clyburn (D-S.C.) said Friday that he was "absolutely shocked" to hear Supreme Court Justice Antonin Scalia describe a key piece of the Voting Rights Act, one of the most significant achievements of the civil rights movement, as a "perpetuation of racial entitlement" earlier this week.
He added, "Playing around with the Voting Rights Act is playing with fire." "When you have in 2012 ... states making changes