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"Scandal" starts up again on Sept. 25, and all we know right now is that Olivia Pope, "saved" by Eli, is on an unspecified
[h/t TV Line] If only Olivia Pope could really handle this situation. “I think, at a certain point, when you’re [hearing
"It's hard to enjoy those scenes," Foley said. "There's the guy fixing her bra, or my hair so it's awkward to begin with
Thursday's season finale of "Scandal"went out with a bang. Literally. Bombs exploding, Papa Pope proving he really is the
Last night's season finale of "Scandal" proved there's not enough wine in the world to help deal with Olivia Pope's family
We've already been warned we might need a defibrillator on hand for tonight's season finale, but true "Scandal" fans know
So I was saying to Shonda, "You know, this really feels like a tipping-point moment, and we're maybe going to have to change
Kimmel has featured "Scandal Thursdays" on his show throughout this season. Guests have included Kerry Washington, Tony Goldwyn
But no matter—Mama Pope gets away, and Jake turns truly terrible at the end, choking Olivia and telling her she'd killed
ABC's "Scandal" has never shied away from shocking viewers. From dead parents sprouting up from the grave and steamy sex
How could "Scandal" possibly get any more scandalous? Well, when Shonda Rhimes is in charge, the sky's the limit. So are
4. They know when to put aside their differences with other women and work together. 7. They realize that sometimes it's
Where exactly is Mama Pope? Olivia sent her mother on a plane to Hong Kong to keep her safe from Papa Pope, which is all
Watch the trailer below if you can handle it. "Scandal" returns Thursday, Feb. 27 at 10 p.m. EST on ABC. "Scandal." Is. Back
It only took two hours and change for "Scandal" fans to unlock a special sneak peek of the show's mid-season premiere. ABC
Check out why Kerry's Twitter feed is our new favorite thing below. "@_overacliff_: #ScandalYearBook2013 #GladiatorCircle
The Gladiators are about to get a break from Olivia Pope, her crazy parents and Baby Huck's -- err -- issues. The ever-twisting
Khandi Alexander is the best secret keeper ... maybe ever. The "Treme" actress kept her "Scandal" role -- she's playing Maya
"There's something my grandmother used to do whenever I'd start dating someone. I would tell her his name and she would say
Alexander will also be seen in the final season of "Treme" beginning on Sunday, Dec. 1. Her other TV credits include "ER