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The last few moments of the show turned the entire season inside out, when Olivia Pope's new man Russell (Brian J. White
“It was about lives mattering regardless of who you are,” the Golden Globe-nominated actress reportedly said during a panel
Fitz is an extremely aggressive individual, and I often get scared watching his interactions with both Mellie and Olivia, but somehow the show still paints him as the victim, the "good guy," and I really don't think it is okay.
One day after TMZ released an audio recording of Stephen Collins allegedly confessing to child molestation, the former "7th
I totally agree with you about Cyrus. The hair hurt my soul, the same way James' death did. But I wasn't surprised, considering
For the record, here's a side-by-side of Cyrus from Season 3 (left) and Season 4 (right). Whatever, haters. Cyrus will see
11. Liv had dinner with her dad, who said he had nothing to do with Harrison's murder. He did, however, "take care" of Mama
Sally almost won the election by using the church explosion as her "Pearl Harbor" ... Sally's campaign manager, Leo Bergen
Where did Olivia Pope go when she got on that plane at the end of Season 3? We just found out ... kind of. The promo opens
Where on Earth Is Olivia Pope?
Shonda Rhimes is taking over your Thursday nights. The writer/director/producer already has two fan-favorite shows on ABC
It looks like "Arrested Development" star Portia de Rossi is joining the "Scandal" gang next season. On Wednesday, Ellen
Fictional rape has the distinct ability to be dealt with in a positive and empowering manner, Neither "Scandal" or "Downton," however, even closely enlisted advocacy in their depictions of sexual violence.