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In the previews for next week's episode, "First Lady Sings the Blues," we see Russell tell Papa Pope that "Ballard has been
“It was about lives mattering regardless of who you are,” the Golden Globe-nominated actress reportedly said during a panel
Thursday night's "Scandal" focused on the shooting of an unarmed black teen named Brandon Parker in Washington, D.C., less
Fitz is an extremely aggressive individual, and I often get scared watching his interactions with both Mellie and Olivia, but somehow the show still paints him as the victim, the "good guy," and I really don't think it is okay.
The following piece contains spoilers about Thursday's episode of "Scandal." Stephen declined, but gets to say what all gladiators
One day after TMZ released an audio recording of Stephen Collins allegedly confessing to child molestation, the former "7th
Otherwise, Cyrus seems about the same, spearheading yet another ideological overhaul in the seemingly endlessly permeable
Fans saw a resemblance between Cyrus and Portia De Rossi's new character... Whatever, haters. Cyrus will see you out. For
12. "Scandal" came in with an incredibly timely sexual assault case: Kate, Senator Vaughn's aide, called Olivia to cover
"Scandal" starts up again on Sept. 25, and all we know right now is that Olivia Pope, "saved" by Eli, is on an unspecified