Trump may go down this fall, but he’s taking the media with him.
But Charlotte counts herself fortunate too, especially knowing she is helping people from similar circumstances in her practice
Lynn said that when her sister came along she didn't fall in line with the role of being there to provide attention and love
My stepmother enabled my father by enduring his abuse, failing to protect her daughters from him, and abetting the maintenance
As Easter approaches, Christians turn their thoughts and spirits toward the crucifixion and resurrection of Jesus.
Donald Trump, as it turns out, applies almost perfectly to Jung's assessment, which included his idea that the United States
Fortunately, many good people of Phoenix -- Muslim and non-Muslim alike -- intervened against the stereotyping and the bullying perpetrated by Ritzheimer and his malevolent and misguided followers.
To scapegoat and stigmatize people with psychological problems may discourage them from seeking treatment and result in a backlash including the occurrence of an increased incidence of violent episodes.
On the right, it's not only the rich who seem drawn to this distorted fantasy. This I know from years discussing politics with a conservative audience in my part of Virginia.
On January 26, 2014, Pope Francis I sat at a window in front of a crowd and released two doves of peace, which were immediately attacked by a seagull and a hooded crow. People speculated, usually with a bit of humor, that the incident might presage a coming apocalypse.
There's another relevant story about accepting responsibility in Leviticus, the third book of the Old Testament, chapter
As opposed to a family scapegoat -- an immediate family member at whom we direct unprocessed anxiety or anger -- a "safe-goat" is a person far enough outside our immediate family system at whom we can direct unprocessed anxiety or anger without inflaming conflicts between present members.
The blame game is one of mankind's oldest rituals. After disaster, we invariably look for someone whom we can hold responsible.
The American Dream was to include everyone, even the tired and the poor, and those without benefit of private rehabs or psychiatric facilities.
Sorry Kermit, it's actually quite easy being green. It's being a Mets fan that's really difficult. Some great news came out of camp when GM Sandy relieved fans of the misery that has been Luis Castillo.
Persistent vegetative states Spot of Tea? A bill to end collective bargaining for public employees in Colorado died in committee
It is wrong to shame Helen Thomas, who, throughout her life has been one of the only people to dare to offend those who needed it.
The first two Presidents on 24 were Black men. The first was assassinated and the second was responsible for allowing nuclear bombs into the country, causing mass destruction.
The economy is not a rational system: It is a scam run by an elite who control the masses through indecipherable rules. Get it? It's a religion, and a religious problem requires a religious solution, i.e. something crazy.
This is an interesting move for Clinton: it could truly be an effort to reunite the party by distancing herself from the mudslinging -- which will help the party whether she's the nominee or not.