Scare Tactics

"Peddle your scare tactics elsewhere. The Lincoln Project will not be intimidated by such empty bluster," attorney Matthew Sanderson blasted in a letter.
Keep bannering up your profile pictures to the country of your choice. Keep prayer hashtagging cities of the places you're
"Women's health" is not an abstract concept created in a conference room in D.C. It's a reality for women in their daily lives. After the campaigns have shut down, women voters go back to just being women, hoping to get to make decisions about their own health care without politicians interfering.
Of course, words and images can undergo changes in meanings. What used to be acceptable can slip into disreputable. Suddenly, for example, sacrifice and compromise become dirty words. It would be nice if we could rise above such fears, control our hackles, keep our economy afloat.
How many women are left with the false impression this junk "news" sells -- that feminism is about making women unwomanly and pitting them against men, or having a right to bare arms while delivering the 5:00 news -- as opposed to the stuff that is real?
It's hard to deny that Democrats are feeling good about yesterday's election victory up in Buffalo. There's a certain wind-in-our-sails feeling about the whole strategy of hammering Republicans on the Ryan plan to voucherize Medicare.
Here's the thing -- the data in Canada, where the legal gambling age is 18-19, depending on the province -- is that most young people take it or leave it.
Normal free speech rights can be dangerous for Democrats. But if you are a Republican disrupting a Town Hall meeting held by a Democrat, then shouting/screaming is expected behavior.
One of the dirtiest political fights in memory is over (sort of). But if you think the health care debate got rough, wait until President Obama and Congress turn to energy and climate.
A senior issues group that caused an uproar by sending out a mailer jam-packed with misleading scare tactics regarding health