Behind-the-scenes video shows how Jim McKenzie developed his eerie piece of art.
I began to wonder about my longevity when I read that researchers in the United Kingdom had created a survey that can calculate a person's chances of dying in the next five years.
The reactions are pretty great. Warning: Don't be quick to approach a scarecrow with a goofy smile, crooked teeth and wide
We've all seen Judy Garland follow the yellow brick road in the 1939's classic film, "The Wizard Of Oz," and hopefully most
The Chesterton, Indiana resident was charged with public intoxication and was taken to the Porter County Jail in Valparaiso
But then I've also been meaning to write about the fact that someone is about to teach a college course on the subject of
Happy Halloween from New Orleans, a city so nestled in the spirit world a Day of the Dead is practically redundant. From
The bright rays of the coming summer brings the bright stars of pop publishing.