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scary clowns

Despite numerous reports of creepy sightings in North Carolina, none have been substantiated.
Over the next ten years, around 300 people were entombed in the desert burial ground, their graves marked with leaning wooden
Thankfully no one was injured.
It's difficult to pinpoint exactly why so many people fear these jolly sources of entertainment. Perhaps it's the knowledge
Why do they think this is funny or cute? There is absolutely nothing reassuring or nice about a person dressed up in strange
It doesn't speak. It doesn't juggle. It has balloons but doesn't hand them out. It probably doesn't even sleep. It just stands there, haunting our dreams with that sinister smile.
Morgan's trial continues to be postponed until it can be determined if he is competent enough to stand trial. From the truly
Efforts made to discover the identity of the jester have yielded few results. A recent YouTube video showing a man being
If you thought Wendy Davis' sneakers were a quirky ensemble choice for a filibuster, wait until you see Rachel Mason's costume
This is not the first time the Arkansas entertainer has had a run-in with the law. In 2010, the Daily Mail reports, he was
Deville is capitalizing on what has become a mainstay for all circus-going kids: the fear of clowns. You may think Stephen
Every snapshot collector has obsessions. Some collect photos of cars. Others like World War II. I collect the weird stuff.