scary clowns

Despite numerous reports of creepy sightings in North Carolina, none have been substantiated.
Just where do these graves reside? Why, right next door to the Clown Motel. That's right, if you brave a night at the Clown
Thankfully no one was injured.
Whatever the reason, we're not afraid to admit that we're painfully afraid of clowns. And on this most spooky of seasons
12. When Frasier dressed up as a clown, he gave his father a heart attack. 14. Pennywise from "It" will forever haunt your
It doesn't speak. It doesn't juggle. It has balloons but doesn't hand them out. It probably doesn't even sleep. It just stands there, haunting our dreams with that sinister smile.
SONDANCE THE CLOWN Morgan's trial continues to be postponed until it can be determined if he is competent enough to stand
Efforts made to discover the identity of the jester have yielded few results. A recent YouTube video showing a man being
RM: It is really amazing watching the senate, there are some truly beautiful performances. In particular I was really struck
Fort Smith police spokesman Steven Dooly told CBS News there was "enough material on the computer that it would take [investigators
Deville is capitalizing on what has become a mainstay for all circus-going kids: the fear of clowns. You may think Stephen
Every snapshot collector has obsessions. Some collect photos of cars. Others like World War II. I collect the weird stuff.