These suggestions might give you a start in connecting with your spirit so you are happier in your work.
If you struggle with never being satisfied with your progress or performance anxiety about whether you can complete something keeping you from the fun of even starting, I highly encourage you to analyze your mindset. Also, consider doing what one of my time coaching clients successfully put into practice last week:
If your work schedule is already overloaded, PR (or other specialized business development activities) might be a great thing to move to your "to contract" list. Hiring outside help can decrease your workload and alleviate psychological pressure.
This last month has had some glorious high moments but I've also had my share of lows...
Ever wonder how you can still have a great day when you're a planner and things don't go as planned?
The secret no one ever told you is this: when you think you've lost... you've just discovered your place of greatest victory. Here are the three secrets to win.