Donald Trump's proliferation of misinformation has created a problem in America: People actually believe what he says even though he lacks facts for the vast majority of his statements. Through his misinformation campaign, he has effectively set the blinders on his supporters in a way that has them fixated on immigration and bombastic rhetoric rather than focusing on the growing list of issues facing our country.
Travel in Europe seemed chaotic and scary. I, like many travelers have found myself questioning the safety of travel in Europe in the current climate. I chose to continue traveling, despite everything, and want to share my findings on the current state of traveling in Europe.
The alternative, of course, is to attack the problem at its roots. End the civil war in Syria and reform the asylum clause
EN: You need to remember that when she went through the background check, she had not been charged with any crimes. She was
I have been in Athens over the course of the last week and, as I roam the city, from corner to corner, it is plain to see that there is very little traffic. Athens' onc- legendary vehicular hysteria is a thing of the past.
The expression "ring-fence Greece" often heard in the press is a weasel word. To "ring-fence" should mean to place a fence
The passport-free travel zone is under huge strain amid the crisis.
"I worry that the European experiment will not survive if every country privileges national identity over European identity," Zakaria said.
In the wake of Maidan, many within the LGBT community feel betrayed by the very revolution which they helped to spearhead.
Any rational person would have to agree that the world stands a better chance of effectively fighting IS together, than separately.
If a bomb can explode in a stadium in France with the French president sitting in it, there is a problem. The Paris attacks are a wake-up call.
Just like the Greek crisis called the existence of the euro into question earlier on this year, this crisis threatens to undermine another pillar of the European Union: the Schengen zone. It is a passport-free, 26-countries area where border control is not allowed.
The question that kept Europe on the existential edge of its seat earlier this year asked whether Greece's economic dysfunction was so severe it should be ejected from the Euro Zone, the select group of European Union countries that share a common currency.
The current migrant and refugee crisis in Europe is a complex one with no easy answers. While governments are scrambling to develop solutions, while Schengen borders are temporarily closed, the people of Hungary and its neighbors are left to come up with their own answers.
It is time for policies to start demonstrating empathy across both space and time. It is time we stopped treating people like sardines.
If Bulgaria seeks to attract more foreign investment and become a more mainstream EU member, Sofia must address the corruption issue head on. Moreover, the Bulgarian people must continue to demand greater accountability from their leaders.
Does this mean that the German chancellor comes closer to CDU heavyweights who have been vocally pro-Turkish membership, such as Ruprecht Polenz, Chariman of the Bundestag's Committee on Foreign Affairs, and gets ready to be challenged by others within?
Estonians just might be the most skeptical people on earth: they have sayings like "Hope is the comfort of the stupid" and "Crying always follows laughter."