schindlers list

Steven Spielberg's Holocaust classic turns 25 this year, and it hasn't aged well.
Steven Spielberg's Oscar-winning masterpiece hits the big screen again in December.
Biopics are often the critics favorites as well, frequently proving themselves as Oscar and Golden Globe contenders. Plus, given the variety of biopic categories, there's something on the menu for everyone.
When Jennifer Teege, a German-Nigerian woman, randomly picked up a library book off a shelf, her whole life -- her whole sense of self -- changed forever.
Make your list now! #1. Jaws (1975) Spielberg has adapted a number of books to the screen, but none bigger than his take
This is a powerful story -- but in quite an unexpected way. If you're thinking Schindler's List, Stalag 17, The Great Escape or -- hold your breath -- TV's Hogan's Heroes, you'd be disappointed.
-- The film hones in on the experience of walking into your home, only to be occupied by another family you've known for
No, the reason I liked Gravity is because it was short. The entire movie clocks in at 85 minutes. I pressed the "play" button on my DVD remote. And an hour-and-a-half later I was back at my job as Jaden Smith's personal assistant.
"Leprechaun" "Addams Family Values" "Coneheads" "Surf Ninjas" "We’re Back! A Dinosaur's Story" "Super Mario Bros." "Cool
For years, I renewed my membership automatically without giving it much more thought than I do to changing my socks once a month. But now I've decided to turn in my card. We're done, AARP. Bye bye. I hereby resign.
After watching 12 Years A Slave, I imagine Germans feel about the Holocaust like a lot of Americans do, or at least should, feel about slavery and the role racism has played in this country's history.
Celebrity and citizenship proved inseparable when Steven Spielberg presented the "Ambassador for Humanity" award to George Clooney at a gala hosted by Jon Stewart on Thursday night in New York.
I really shouldn't tell you any more. I wouldn't want to spoil it! You'll just have to find out for yourself by reading the book. I've priced it at $2.99. Those with short attention spans will be glad to know it's a quick read.
An original copy of Schindler’s list -- not the movie, but the actual list of Jewish refugees that German businessman Oskar Schindler is credited with saving from the Nazis -- will be available on eBay Friday evening, the New York Post reports.
But the list was not created by Schindler. Instead, Mietek Pemper, a man who was born to a Jewish family in 1920 and was
Holocaust films associate trains with death. In Nicky's Family we finally see one bound for life, the transport that departed on September 1, 1939 from Prague to Liverpool.
The first few days of the Cannes Film Festival have been marked by surprises -- whether in the shifting national identity of movies, or peace-making efforts between towering directors -- and parties that defy the rain.
Chanoch Ze'evi's documentary, Hitler's Children, tracks down survivors of the top command of Adolf Hitler's Third Reich. What they've made of the world is unique from person to person and raises questions in the viewer, as well.
"Schindler, with his kindness, gave us help ... and most important, he gave us our dignity," she said. "For us, he was an
Most enquiries come from Russia and Eastern Europe and Boehling welcomes the new phenomenon of grandchildren and great grandchildren