school budgets

Our proposed budget is a strategic and deliberate reinvestment in the students who are the future of our county and the world. They will be engines of innovation that shape our tomorrow. Investing in their education today funds our future.
While even children must unarguably be held accountable for behavior that broaches criminality, who is going to hold politicians accountable for creating conditions that enjoin it?
Without exception, each and every college and university must keep their fiscal house in order at all times by maintaining a balanced budget with "rainy day" funds that promote freedom, action and innovation.
As today's science affects our lifestyles exponentially, many districts now have line items in their budgets that reflect the changing landscape of high-tech learning. Is it justified? Will students continue to learn using yesterday's methods in preparation for a wireless, paperless future? Can they?
Greetings, parents! It's hard to believe the new school year is upon us. It seems like only yesterday your children left for vacation and we began our annual summer ritual of slashing budgets, eliminating gifted programs, firing art and music teachers.
The increasing diversity of U.S. students and their families demonstrate the need to develop innovative strategies to encourage meaningful parental involvement. When weighing budget pressures, eliminating ways to engage parents is a step in the wrong direction.