school bully

You just get to work on a Monday morning when you receive a call from your child’s school principal. She tells you there
We were rivals in class, good students who read Vonnegut and announced, to our piano teachers' pleasure and our classmates' befuddlement, that we preferred classical music to Duran Duran. We should have been friends. For some reason, C chose to go in the other direction.
Meet with your child to find out his/her version of the situation. Try not to accuse your child. Instead, ask the child what happened that day and what parts of the story that you heard were true.
My job is to work myself out of a job. To teach my kids not to need me. And as much as that doesn't sound fun, I know it's the best thing I can do for them.
Isn't it our job not only to teach our kids social skills but also to try to make their environments as safe as possible within reason.
It seems to me that we should be teaching kids today how to deal with bullies, and we should be taking those bullies aside and looking at their lives to find out what is making them act as bullies.
There are a few places no one should enter without an advocate--a courtroom, a hospital and school. But only a parent can properly advocate for their child in school where a bully is concerned.