school bus crash

The Chattanooga crash sent nearly two dozen people to hospitals.
"Why this driver had a cell phone is an issue that I intend to address when we file our lawsuits," Isaacs said. "Why there
A Tennessee bus driver tasked with safely transporting children on their way home from school pulled out his phone and began
June 5 (Reuters) - The driver of a Tennessee school bus that crashed in December, killing two students and a teacher's aide
New York State Police arrested 56-year-old Mary Coletti, of Cortlandt Manor, after the crash. Cortlandt Manor is a hamlet
The New York City Police Department is investigating the accident, which is the second major school bus crash in the city
(DETROIT) -- Ten children were hospitalized after a school bus collided with a car Wednesday afternoon. At about 4:40 p.m
Initial reports from KMBC indicated that the children on the bus were 6th grade girls from Pembroke Hill School, a private
Video captured by an on-board security camera shows an Indiana school bus veering off the road and crashing into a house
Across the nation, drivers illegally pass stopped school buses 13 million times each year; in Iowa, 138,600 times every year. If we cut that number, we'll reduce the number of children killed and injured by reckless drivers.
Parents have a right to expect that when they put their children on the school bus in the morning, they will get to and from school safely.
"Hearing about the situation this morning and how tragic it was, I just wanted to come out here to maybe help prop a few
According to a WTOP report, the Prince George's County Public Schools bus driver had an "ongoing" disagreement with a co
According to the report, a student noticed the situation and "grabbed the driver's arm to wake him." After reportedly falling
After a tragic accident took the life of a young student in Georgia, one school district turned to the cameras as a way to
According to the Washington Post, the study affirmed that, not only were buses "safe enough without seat belts," but because