school closures

From educational games to apps and websites, here are some creative ways to keep children entertained during school closures.
Schools have been reckoning with the possibility of widespread closures for weeks. Now it's really happening.
Closures could mitigate contagion but would hurt workers and the economy.
Kentucky Gov. Matt Bevin (R) said “we’re getting soft” for closing schools in subzero-degree weather, and his comments received some heat 🔥
School closures mark another loss for children in Puerto Rico still mentally recovering from Hurricane Maria.
Wouldn't it be interesting if charter school companies had to sign contracts that, say, bound them to keeping a school open for ten, fifteen, twenty years whether they were making money or not.
A handy new guide to charter school messaging ensures that never again will you accidentally say *market share* when you mean *student share* or *businesses* when what you really meant to mean all along was *schools.*
Charter supporters point to number-driven data -- low classroom attendance and poor academic performance, among others -- for
NEW YORK -- President Barack Obama's visit on Friday to a Brooklyn public school operated in partnership with IBM puts him, perhaps unwittingly, in the thick of a charged battle over education policy in the nation's largest school system.
"Bloomberg now gets to say he did a lot of career and technical education," Mulgrew said in an interview, giving the mayor