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I am glad to be seeing a shift within the school system that values the emotional and social development of children, and therefore, values the school counselors that are there to support that development.
With these numbers it mind, we're not surprised that efforts to thwart the school to prison pipeline are failing - after
Many of America’s biggest school districts have prioritized security officers over counselors. In Houston, that means there’s only one counselor for every 1,288 students.
Atlantic Health Services allegedly didn't serve poor middle and high schoolers at all.
I can't even begin to count all the parents I spoke to over the years who were convinced that the special education staff at their school hated their child. The parents would ask for something that they believed their child desperately needed, but the staff would refuse to do it, or fail to do it.
It's rare that a sweeping movement in the world of college admissions can fly under the radar screen of public consciousness, but that seems to be what's happening with the two-week old High School Counselor Challenge.
Two dozen colleges know that in order for good college counseling to occur for everyone, the college conversation has to include everyone -- which means my fellow college guide authors and suppliers of college application support have some catching up to do.
The profession that has spent decades discussing student assessment and teacher tenure must radically improve the way school counselors are viewed and able to do their work in eight weeks.
It' s time to make good on a debt. I'm thrilled to say a school has answered the call. In her first year as a counselor at
Grieving adolescents are often left to fend for themselves or are offered support from counselors outside their community immediately after an event. Such support may be unwelcome, particularly by adolescents.
In the interest of starting the approaching spring with a clean slate, here are the issues that have caused turmoil in the
The need may be great, but the tools--and desire-- to meet the need are greater, and well within everyone's grasp. A related
The truth is, you have at least two reasons to be grateful for your school counselor, and maybe three.
If you're wondering what this kind of class can do for students, families, and their counselors, I'd be happy to come by and talk with you about it.
I can't say I have all of the answers for the funding crisis in the School District of Philadelphia. What I can say is that our schools cannot open without these people. Our students already are at the mercy of a lack of resources. They cannot afford another cut.
This is a tough time of year to be a school counselor. You are giving every free moment to life at school, running the awards assembly, putting the final touch on next year's schedules, calling parents to tell them graduation will have to wait until summer school's over.
If you've been looking for evidence to support a request to provide more college programming in your local schools, look no more. A new report from the National Association for College Admission Counseling offers these nuggets on college counseling in general.
There are no shortage of ideas on the subject, and the debate has been robust. But I'd argue that our national conversation has been missing one essential element: a physician's focus on prevention.
America is graduating one of the largest high school classes in history this year, and the college plans of these students are being guided by school counselors who have had little or no graduate school training working with students and families in the college selection process.