school discrimination

Editor’s note: Our series “Life Cycles of Inequity” explores the ways in which inequity impacts the lives of black men. Each
Two Virginia grandparents have pulled their granddaughter, Sunnie Kahle, 8, out of her Christian elementary school after receiving a letter from administrators saying they would reject admittance to the girl unless she started dressing more feminine, according to local outlet WSET-TV.
But if the school wants to foster young people's religious zeal, it might help to drop its problematic agenda. A survey released
A so-called school-to-prison pipeline flows from school discipline that lands disproportionately on students with disabilities
One Redditor notes that the situation doesn't appear to be hateful or malicious in intent, but merely "the application of
The Education Department's Office of Civil Rights oversees enforcement of laws that prohibit school discrimination on grounds
The Jefferson Parish school system is investigating Mark Traina after some of his postings -- including “Young Black Thugs
Dominic Sheahan-Stahl, a graduate of Sacred Heart Academy in Mount Pleasant, Mich., is speaking out after officials allegedly
Unless the student makes up the 12 hours somewhere else, the report states her name will be removed from the society. After
Williams said she began to feel singled out by teachers after turning the essay in to her English class, earning "Ds" -- a
School Principal Stephannie Crutchfield, who suspended Cotman, has declined to comment, but WWBT reports that district Superintendent
WATCH: "There are 23 sexual orientations that fit under this definition and if this bill became law, then what we would be
The school was founded in 1909 by chocolate maker Milton Hershey, and its mission is to educate low-income and socially disadvantaged
Though classrooms at Bjerke high school have now been shuffled, the news came as a surprise to one city official who demanded