School District

Satanic Delco's leader characterized the Pennsylvania district's ban on all attire "satanic in nature" as discriminatory and unconstitutional.
With states seeing an increase in COVID-19 infections among children, district officials are prioritizing health and safety as the new school year approaches.
The need for more educational resources is mounting, but without federal aid, money is scarce.
Parents face the risks posed by COVID-19 as some states begin to reopen schools.
“Based on the demands of social distancing and precautions, there will not be enough money," one superintendent said.
Big city districts have warned that they may have to cut as many as 275,000 staff members combined as tax revenue plummets due to economic shutdowns.
Schools are keeping kids fed, losing millions of dollars in the process. They fear they will have to make deep cuts next year, when the country is still reeling.
A government watchdog report identifies a number of bureaucratic problems.
The senator made waves at the first Democratic presidential debates by going after Biden's record on school desegregation.
"It’s difficult not to respond when you hear there is such a significant need.”