School District of Philadelphia

If you don't know about Hart's hometown love, you gon' learn today.
Chanting, "SOS, save our schools," and, "Philly is a union town," dozens of students made their voices heard. What happened next has left many in shock and dismay.
It's a disheartening and messy time in Philadelphia's school system. Some days I wake up and wonder if things will ever get better -- will we ever be able to look our children in the eyes and tell them that every school is equipped with the resources they need to get a quality education?
But Eller said the governor sees the solution in a new union contract. The groups' request for a meeting, he added, "is under
When Roat entered the building at 7:30, students were waiting outside in the fall chill because the school didn't have any
WATCH: Not all families have access to resources within modern schools. Although computers, calculators and other devices