school dress codes

A teacher told her 12-year-old her skirt looked like it was for "clubbing."
With a dress code, the devil is in the details. So we avoid them. The policy has multiple intentions. First, we explicitly
Every fall you can expect a flurry of articles clogging up your Facebook newsfeed, decrying the "body shaming" dress codes of someone's kid's school. And no matter what the specifics of the article, the reader comments are the same.
"I learned something very important about myself: I am a whore."
"The degradation of young women in the school system is a real, legitimate issue."
Unfortunately, policing of females doesn't diminish as we get older and it trickles into our social lives, our interactions with the general public and at work. Dress codes -- on paper or through verbal expectations -- are an easy way to determine if there is disparate treatment of the genders.
The Huffington Post reached out to MacKinnon for further comment, but he was not immediately available. "It isn't just the
"I felt that was very threatening and out-of-line for the teacher," Reay told ABC News affiliate Local News 8 of her interactions
"If you are truly so concerned that a boy in this school will get distracted by my upper back and shoulders then he needs to be sent home and practice self control."
The notice, which was photographed and posted on Imgur, was reportedly posted at a prep school. Little information was given