school gardens

These days many of us are looking to get more fresh, local, and sustainably grown food onto our plates. Now we have a chance to ensure that New York students have more access to local produce too.
Garden programs are flourishing in many developing nations.
This week, The Pollination Project and our community of Daily Givers supported projects that strengthen our food supply by caring for bees, helping people find culturally-relevant ways to access and enjoy vegan food, encouraging people grow food and teaching people healthier ways to cook.
More recently, chef and restaurateur Alice Waters and First Lady Michelle Obama have emerged as vocal proponents of school
Super Food for Malnourished Children in Cameroon. After years of studying abroad, Marcel Kwedi returned to his native Cameroon with a desire support his community. When he returned to his village, he found desertification and rising food costs, which led him to launch NUTRIMAX.
The Origins of Coffee in Costa Rica After living in Costa Rica for fifteen years, filmmaker Susan Lutz was inspired to direct
This upcoming year is going to be the best yet! We just built a wood-fired earthen oven, which will be a learning tool and
Among other activities, the program offers a community garden where children help grow, harvest, learn about, and cook fruits
The Edible Schoolyard in Berkeley is a one-acre organic garden and kitchen classroom in Martin Luther King Jr. Middle School.
Might this affect whom the Girl Scouts partner with and how they run their operations? Maybe. Either way, the troops would be better informed about the cookies they're selling (and eating).