school integration

As an immigrant child growing up in the diversity of New York City, combined with visits to her family in Guatemala, Nadia
Six years after the release of our first national standards, the Common Core, and the new federal tests that accompanied
Families with children and the schools they choose could be one of the factors driving inequality.
"The question is how do we shift direction, how do we seize the moment?"
Can other districts follow suit?
"What if that police officer had gone to a more racially diverse school ... How might some of those incidents played out differently?"
Are U.S. schools growing more segregated? It depends on who you ask.
Federal, state and local policymakers of all races across the US are clamoring to integrate schools in order to achieve socioeconomic diversity -- not only as a matter of social justice and constitutional compliance, but also on the grounds that socioeconomic diversity and academic excellence go hand-in-hand.