school nurses

"Because kids who are sick don’t perform well in school."
Massey's death brought awareness to a school nurse shortage taking place in the cash-strapped district. The district employs
Trained to recognize when a student is in need of emergency care and to provide it, a health professional is a critical resource that no school should be without.
For millions of children with asthma, thinking outside the box could mean the difference between staying in school and learning with friends or winding up in the emergency room.
There are no shortage of ideas on the subject, and the debate has been robust. But I'd argue that our national conversation has been missing one essential element: a physician's focus on prevention.
Doctors whose patients include obese children must write notes to principals asking that they be frequently excused to use
Faced with a shortage of resources, educators are increasingly calling 911 when children act out, resulting not only in costly emergency room visits, but a failure to treat the underlying behavioral disorder.
The numbers are expected to drop even lower with tough budget cuts hitting schools. Are American children facing an unsafe