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For growing teens, this daily trudge is more than a minor annoyance. Countless studies and medical experts are sounding the alarm (no pun intended): Insufficient sleep is endangering our students' health and learning.
Only 3.8 percent of public high schools in the United States start at 9 a.m. or later -- particularly troubling for the teens
Judith Owens discusses school start times in Sleepless in America
Monitor your teen for signs of excessive sleepiness, and when present, take steps to address it. A later school start time does not shield your teen from excessive sleepiness.
Adolescents are currently severely sleep-deprived, notes the report, with 87 percent of high school students getting less
As she prepared for the school board meeting, Jilly learned all of the ways that more sleep makes for better students. After
What you may not realize is that your child is not lazy at all. In most cases your teen is just not getting enough sleep. Now, schools across America are recognizing this and starting to take action accordingly.
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High school students across the country are waking up at the crack or dawn every day to make it to school by 8 a.m. or earlier