School Uniforms

Rather you are a big or small, tall or short you know your body more than anybody else. In fact, a study was conducted that
Back-to-School: it's the most wonderful time of the year. My kids are much older now, but I can vividly remember all the prep work to get ready for a new school year like it was just yesterday. It feels like it was just yesterday.
The debate on school uniforms and dress codes is intensifying as many parents and educators are increasingly concerned about the trend toward inappropriate dress in schools.
All around the country students are heading back to the hallowed halls. For most people thoughts of returning to high school is anxiety inducing but seeing these famous uniforms almost makes us wanna go back.
Like so many others, the time right before high school was a pretty interesting time for me. I got my nose pierced, went
However, we can't have a discussion about uniform style without highlighting Britney Spears' "...Baby One More Time" music
Dress codes have less to do with sexy than with social order. They are like sumptuary laws, frequently, unconsciously or not, designed to protect a sexist, frequently racist and homophobic status quo and kids know it.
Bravo students, teachers, and administrators at BxDCA high school for real learning, not the phony stuff sold by Common Core and the high-stakes testing companies.
Even I, who did not suffer first hand from bullying, can remember being comforted by the fact that all of my peers would be wearing the same thing, regardless of how popular, fashionable, beautiful, or wealthy they may be.
In the summer of 1977, I moved to another suburb, and had to start seventh grade at a new school. I was 12 years old and well into the awkward years. Moving and starting at a new school is always tough, and being the new kid in seventh grade was especially challenging. At that age, the lines are already drawn, the cliques formed.
Weems is a Title I school, Burnett said, meaning that almost 70 percent of students qualify for free or reduced lunch. Now
It is often assumed in today's largely secular society that attending a parochial school will lead to a parochial mind. I think I thought this, too, when I entered a Catholic high school.
A Philadelphia high school sophomore says she didn’t want to go back to Charles Carroll High after a geometry teacher ridiculed
As I look at my young son, I am not one bit surprised that he is in perfect dress code: collared shirt, navy shorts and sneakers. His hair is combed and his face is washed. Is this really my child?
Maybe it's because I'm too old. Or maybe it's because I'm just plain jealous. Or maybe, seriously, it's because I train teachers and work with hundreds of adolescents. In any case, I'm seriously shocked at the lack of length of today's shorts and dresses.
Neither was previously aware of the uniform problem, but once they began researching it, they realized that there was a need, one that no nonprofits currently met. They decided to start their own organization, and thus Tailored for Education was born.
Texas high school students are "wearin' khakis on the bottom, and polos on top" (and still "lookin' fly") in a rap music