school violence

Signs from Washington, D.C., to Washington state called for tighter gun control and background checks.
The school, police and ACLU are investigating the officer's actions.
There are concrete actions to take, as well. Calling government representatives and demanding accountability. Volunteering
  Why Do School Shootings Occur? There are many controversial topics that go into these types of issues - gun control, mental
When we as a country learn to FIGHT BACK and prevent school violence by our own efforts, we just might realize that we are powerful and able to prevent these tragedies.
When I set out to interview Sue, my goal was to help her feel completely safe and talk freely without the anticipatory anxiety of when I would ask the inevitable, "How could you not see the warning signs?" or other questions that would put her on the spot.
Or coming from the perspective of, "Well they should be made fun of because it will make them stronger and it will make their
Still, it's natural for kids and teens (and those who adore them, feverishly) to worry about whether something may happen to them. To help them deal with these fears, it's important to talk to children who are in the know when these tragedies happen, and to know what your kids watch or hear about them.
Without meaning to, I saw the Carolina take-down clip five times in a single NBC Nightly News broadcast a couple of days after the incident occurred. Five times in the space of a minute or so. It happened so fast, I couldn't get to the remote.