school year

After the excitement, nervousness, and activity of starting a new school year have settled down, you can make the most of
By Timothy D. Walker Heading into my first year of teaching in Helsinki I felt pretty nervous. One of my graduate-school
This is a crosspost of my blog, Healthy Food & Healthy Living. This experiment suggests that even small changes in hydration
The end of the school year is here. You can hear kids and teachers rejoicing while many parents grunt and go hide in a corner. Besides the obvious calendar telling us what time of year it is, there are 10 other things that happen to signal that the end of the school year has indeed arrived.
Just when I thought my mother-of-the-year attitude couldn't get any worse, I've realized that I'm in an end-of-the-school-year slump.
My older son, Rory, was either adored or hated by his teachers. He had a teacher one year named Mr. Munzer who truly brought
Can you smell the fresh pencil shavings and crisp apples? The leaves are changing, sweaters making a return to department
Teach them to understand their gifts, and to use them wisely. Each and every one of us, has been blessed with gifts, or what you may know as talents. Often times, our children do not know how to hone in on their gifts, in order to use them effectively.
The return to school can signal a return to overwhelm for many students and parents wishing they could find a way to stay off the rat wheel race to nowhere that has come to define schooling and afterschool activities. This year, let's try out new strategies for staying off the rat wheel to nowhere.
It's that time of year again. The time where we head to Target to stock up on school supplies and send the kiddos on their way. Since back to school season can get pretty hectic I've come up with a few ways to help make this year a little more special for everyone... even moms!
On the morning of March 2 in Suwon, Gyeonggi-do Province, Suil High School’s principal started the entrance ceremony by giving
Worried about reaching out to someone from your class for the first time? “Just relax,” says Claudia Dimuro, a student at
I'm dreading The Volunteer Season because of the parents who make volunteering hard. The parents who judge, eye roll, and hrmmph their way through school activities because they are fairly certain they are God's gift to the Land of Volunteer.
As you take one last look over your shoulder to make sure that your little one is safely tucked into her classroom, and you wipe away the tears as you climb back into your (suddenly very quiet) car, remember this.