science and art

After one quick glance at his work, it's clear that many of these frogs have excess limbs or other oddities. So why is that
We usually think of science and poetry as inhabiting very different parts of the human mind, of human culture. When an astrophysicist spends his days writing a book of poems called I Know (Je Sais), we might want to pay some attention.
Friedlander said that a kinetic art show captured his imagination in 1970, and from then on, he began pursuing a passion
Since you can't experience the Higgs boson firsthand, the scientists thought it'd be cool to form music notation out of the
The video is at once mystical, surreal and enchanting; take a look for yourself below. WATCH: Shot over four days with help
Gorman said he hopes the ideas featured in his gallery can offer inspiration in yet another field. "For our exhibits, artists
The contest also includes interactive games. One honoree this year created one called "Build-a-Body," in which players can
With her exhibition 'Bioillogical', Carol Es crafts test-tube-dwelling oddities that make diseases look bizarrely darling
WHEN: November 23, 2010 - February 27, 2011 Featuring more than 40 works of art by the acclaimed master of medical illustrations