science and god

"I am satisfied with the mystery of life's eternity."
Besides the obvious fact that evidence can be misleading -- we tend to find only what we expect to see -- God is not something that comes at the end of a logical train of thought. Rather, my faith in God is my basic foundational assumption, the axiom that I start with when I do my logic.
Scientists and science organizations are being disingenuous when they say science can say nothing about the supernatural. They know better.
We need to recognize that one need not accept simplistic and false binary choices. These drive a wedge in the possibility of true communication and understanding, and can lead to dismissing the other.
Figuring God into the world of science is a nebulous task. What happens when observers of the fact-based natural world must
If you define God on the basis of design, what happens if increasing evidence is found in support of an evolutionary theory?
What Alex Rosenberg has done is to take the scientific principle of reductionism and apply it to questions science is not equipped to answer.