Science and Technology

The world is changing before our eyes. With global warming, human damage and the disintegration of traditions, the threat to planet Earth's most beautiful wonders is very real. Now is the time to witness these precious places before they change forever.
These apps also teach soft skills including empathy and self-awareness.
Daisy Ozim Daisy Ozim has a background in community organizing and public policy. After she was introduced to blockchain
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Pooja Chandrashekar Pooja Chandrashekar is the daughter of two engineers, so she’s known the importance of STEM from a young
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For decades, she translated her famous husband's scientific findings into utterly mesmerizing illustrations. But she rarely received credit, until now.
The Greenpeace project is part of mission to create a massive Antarctic sanctuary.
1,218 of the gizmos prove that machines want to dazzle us.
DNA analysis of Britain's oldest complete skeleton reveals the first modern Britons had "dark to black skin" and dark hair.