science experiments

Alonzo Yanes was hospitalized for months after his teacher's "rainbow experiment" engulfed him in flames.
Teenagers have been snorting condoms through their noses and out their mouths as part of a social media “condom challenge.” But condom challenges aren’t a new trend.
Enter ScienceFairSOS.Com by ArtSkills to try to be a one stop shop for all your science fair poster board needs. As ArtSkills
To improve the process of ethical oversight of research, we need to change our attitudes, and recognize far more fully that complicated moral issues, strains and vagaries are involved.
Think you want to plan a scientific party for your birthday boy or girl? Here are some crafty and creative ideas you can do at home.
In this fascinating YouTube video, watch what happens when milk is added to a bottle of Coke. After an hour, the liquid in
Caution: Just because the people in these videos seem not to have been harmed does NOT mean it's safe to try experiments
Science Experiments Gone Wrong
You may think your microwave is good only for making popcorn or heating up last night's leftovers. But with a big chocolate
Awesome. How can you make something invisible, that is, without using a cloak? This easy experiment just might be the "solution