Science Fiction and Fantasy

The trailer for the final season of the hit HBO show dropped and jokes ensued. Also: Why the hell is it so dark?
In 2003, she became the second woman to receive the sci-fi title of Grand Master. Her knockabout acceptance stunt was the summa of a brilliant career.
The author died at her Oregon home on Monday.
Landscape With Invisible Hand by M.T. Anderson "Resplendent with Anderson's trademark dry, sarcastic wit, this brief, complicated
Disappeared by Francisco X. Stork "A tense thriller elevated by Stork's nuanced writing and empathy for every character, including
Malice of Crows by Lila Bowen "Fans of the Shadow will love returning to his world, and fantasy fans who haven't yet encountered
Prepare yourself for "Disabled People Destroy Science Fiction."
"All I can say is, watch the next regeneration."
The show has always explored gender, sexuality and racial identity.
Fantasy and sci-fi promise limitless imagination. A litany of white, male franchise leads do not.