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“These challenges share one thing in common: the need for scientific knowledge and technological expertise to address them successfully.”
Part of the calculation that the election could drive further privatization of science comes from the concern among many
Blog your heart out. Is there a scientific issue near to your heart that doesn't receive enough attention? If you want to
The other important source of funding globally but untapped in Africa is philanthropy. At the beginning of 2016 there were
Remember that first question, "who paid you to say that, doc?" Ask it now. The answer: Coca-Cola. How much? 3.5 million dollars
Walter Mischel, who devised the famous "marshmallow test," worries future scientists won't get the money to do something similar.
"Good luck with that!" This is the most common response we get when we talk about, the non-profit founded to try and persuade the presidential candidates to attend a debate solely on science issues, including technology, the environment, and medicine.
Where negotiations seem likely to stall, however, remains on how or whether to offset an increase in NIH funding with spending