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What happens to this pizza is terrible. You have been warned.
The harassment reportedly occurred on BU research trips to Antarctica.
Unless we pay much more attention to ethical and social choices, we risk turning the promise of gene editing into disaster.
Former staffers say the office's science division now has no employees.
Rep. Don Beyer calls on experts to correct the bad info pushed by the Republican majority.
The timing of the report affirming the safety of human tests is a coincidence.
Rep. Lamar Smith instead promotes the work of right-wing website Breitbart news.
Rep. Lamar Smith has invited three climate change skeptics to discuss the issue at a hearing this week.
"The evidence speaks for itself ... with all the science surrounding climate change, it's not a secret and certainly not a debate. It is, most importantly, a time for action. We've been stalling for too long," said Marcia McNutt, the incoming president of the National Academy of Sciences.