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Alyona and Jacob discuss the top trending stories of the day, including
Curio No. 1202 | Effort is (sort of) everything (SMC #4) Do you find yourself shying away from professional opportunities
Last week's Curios covered Teddy Roosevelt's link to football, the weird history of habeas corpus, and why people don't like to adopt black cats.
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Curio No. 1184 | Disney's Wonderful World of urology In the future, could your insurance company send you to Disney World
Last week's Curios covered the history of the PSL, why older siblings are smarter, and how pill color affects effectiveness.
Last week's Curios covered the Million Dollar Homepage, the origin of Auto-Tune, and an Excel mistake with international implications.
Last week's Curios covered the hidden benefits of chewing gum, wheezing Amish, and the first set of identical twin puppies.
Last week's Curios covered illusions to trick your brain, boozy physics thought experiments, and piggy bank etymology.
Last week's Curios covered marmoset students, wasps in figs, and why your genes might be to blame for your ridiculous drunken behavior.